History Of Rugs

For millennia, humans have woven carpets out of every imaginable material. Ancient cultures weaved reeds and grasses together to create antique and old rugs, used for beauty and comfort and to keep the chilly ground warm—nomadic nomads handwoven carpets from livestock more than 5,000 years ago. Archaeologists have discovered rugs over 4,000 years in Egyptian and Mesopotamian graves. The Pazyryk Carpet, whose origins can be traced to 500 B.C., is the earliest known surviving rug found in 1949 in Siberia. The carpet was a testament to a very sophisticated and complicated process with richly hued fibers despite its antiquity. If only they had skilled carpet cleaners back then, the Pazyryk Carpet would have remained pristine (Lackey, 2018, p. 13).

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