How to repair an oriental rug at home?

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 Rug Repair at home

Using area rugs is a great way to improve the beauty and aesthetic appearance of a home. These rugs are excellent for covering up cracked floors and serve as comfortable foot cushions. Nonetheless, it is normal for rugs to become dirty and damaged. This depends on the amount of use and recurrence of cleanings. Professional rug repair will be required if your cherished rug becomes worn, torn, or stained due to an accident. Depending on the severity of the damage, it may repair rugs at home. Initially, one must check the status of the compromised rug. It should be washed thoroughly and dried in the sun. This step will aid in eliminating bacteria and allergies. Then, assess the kind and amount of the rug's damage. If it is partially torn in a few spots, it may be possible to sew it back together. However, if the rip is extensive, that might not be viable. Personal and Oriental carpets may not be repairable at home (Babel & Sornapudi, 2020, p. 4). One may need to contact specialists with expertise in rug repair for this task.

Additionally, adhesive tapes and glue can be used to fix minor rug damage. Some carpets need to be bound since spills and fires ruin rugs. You may perform modest repairs on a rug, but if the rug is precious or the damage is extensive, you should seek expert assistance from reputable rug merchants ("Rug Care, Cleaning & Maintenance: Little-Persia", 2022).

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